95th Anniversary Gala Dinner – Cancellation Updates


Dear Gala Dinner participants, 

We promise to keep you updated promptly, and here is the latest.

Amidst continuous public health and school calendar uncertainties, as well as cost and resources factors, we have decided to cancel the HKCEC Gala dinner celebrations outright in its current form without further rescheduling.

While we continue to explore celebration in new forms, we do not want to hold up your money represented by the Gala ticket(s) that you have purchased. 
Some of you have indicated to us that you wanted to gift the money to the School which we truly appreciate and some of you would like to understand how to get a refund which we respect.  Given the different feedback we have received, we are offering several options. 
In determining the refund, we ask for your understanding that quite a bit of sunk costs have been incurred, which include HKCEC’s partial forfeit of our deposit as cancellation penalty, production, souvenirs, printing and other administrative expenses. Our preliminary estimate on a shared burden basis should be no more than HKD230 per ticket. 
With the above, we hope to receive from each of you a written instruction of your preference: 

1.  Full refund of paid ticket price

2. Partial Refund: $1,570/$1370 as applicable (partial refund of paid ticket price net of $230)

3.  Gift of the paid ticket price (net*) to Maryknoll Convent School Foundation Limited (School Sponsoring body) for the sole purpose of supporting the School’s development (i.e. No Refund) 

Please let us know your choice by completing this form:  https://forms.gle/nhPqMXoSmXzacPfdA (and pressing Submit in the form) on or before  February 29, 2020.  If we do not receive the form from you by that date, we will deem that we have your goodwill to have the ticket price (net*) gifted to the Foundation as per option 3 above.   

To show our appreciation of your support to the School and the 95th anniversary, even though we cannot physically be together to celebrate as originally planned, we have prepared a small tote bag for everyone, with beautiful items contributed by sponsors, as a token of our appreciation. Upon school resumption, we will inform you the date(s) for the collection. For those participants residing overseas, you can authorise a representative to collect on your behalf as per the attached form. 

Again, thank you for your patience and accommodation.  

Please stay connected here or follow us at MCS 95th Anniversary Facebook for timely updates and information/clips. 

Let’s bond in love, faith and hope, the Maryknoll way.  God bless. 

Yours sincerely,
Maryknoll Convent School Foundation Limited   

*For accounting purposes, $230 will be deducted for covering the sunk cost before the remaining net amount of the paid ticket price will be credited as a gift to Maryknoll Convent School Foundation for the sole purpose of supporting the school’s development.