Mentorship Programme

Inaugurated in 2006, the Programme aims to continue the Maryknoll tradition and culture through matching alumnae with Form 5 graduating class students in a year-long mentor-mentee relationship.

Each year brings together about 95 girls with some 60 alumnae from more distant to recent generations. It is a home-coming experience for many of our alumnae. In this Programme they inspire and support the personal growth of the girls in values and character development with that quintessential Maryknoll touch.

The Facilitator Group, steered by a Council member and comprising alumnae and teachers – including the Careers Mistress and Teacher-in-charge for Character Building, oversees the Programme and designs a variety of events over the year to ensure sustainable energy and momentum.

In 2012, activities included the Chinese New Year Gathering, Dialogue-in-the-Dark experiential and the closing ceremony. Each occasion was well attended by mentees and mentors.

The launch of a new mentoring year invariably begins with a festive Inauguration Evening whereupon the mentors and mentees meet for that exciting first time. The lighting of each others’ candles, to signify continuity of the Maryknoll spirit has become a ritual much anticipated and enjoyed by mentors and mentees.

The ritual respectfully nods to Mother Mary Joseph, Foundress of Maryknoll Sisters, whose favourite line was: “As one lamp lights another nor grows less, so nobleness enkindles nobleness.”

As one Maryknoll alum teacher puts it, “I get quite moved at every Launching Ceremony. The event simply sizzles with the synergy of so many Maryknollers together. It’s amazing to be working side by side with some of my “big sisters” and my mind flashes back to the good old days when I was just a little school girl here myself.”

The Mentorship Programme has also been a platform for a Careers Fair for graduating girls. This offers a wealth of professional experience where the girls meet with some 30 alumnae from different disciplines, pre-determined by survey of student interest. Each year features a different theme with special Keynote Speakers: Working in Mainland China; Career changes in this fast-moving world; Pure Dedication (the Keynote Speaker of which was Sister Jeanne, professional educator with a chronicle of devotion and achievement over 50 years) and others.

Fill in the online application at Please share this link with other Maryknollers who may be interested in giving us their support. Enrolment deadline for new mentors is around November of each year and further announcements will be made.

Starting 2013, with a new record number of 130 Form 5 girls as mentees and more than 100 alumnae as mentors, the programme is championed by the school (Secondary Section) as a regular programme, with continual support by MCS Foundation, MCS Former Students’ Association, and MCS Educational Trust.

Hear from the mentees themselves:

  • It’s good to know somebody who’s more senior than me and yet is not relatives or family friends. My mentor really is a mentor to me. She helps me explore the “outside world”. At least I get to know what it really is like to be a grown-up; I saw something I couldn’t see in my parents.
  • Since her current career is the one that I’ve been thinking of in future, she did share a lot of experiences with me and through the mass events, I have learnt a lot.
  • My mentor helps me to judge whether I’m really interested in the subject that I like.
  • I learned more about myself and am clearer about my plans for the future through talking to my mentor.
  • I have met a former Maryknoller who taught me a lot about the Maryknoll spirit.
  • I learn more about our society and also the attitude with which I should face challenges.
  • I know more about Maryknoll in the past. I have someone to talk to me, share with me, and give me good advice on various areas.
  • It gives me a chance to communicate with someone who is experienced in a specific profession. It makes me better equipped for my future.
  • I like the Careers Fair most! It is really practical and informative.
  • The programme allows me to know and get more advice on my future path. I was lost at the beginning, and now I find some clue.
  • I have learnt extra things and I have started to think out of the box.
  • It’s good that I can meet some former Maryknollers and feel the strong school spirit. I love MCS more than before.