Setting up the MCS Foundation

Mission To be continued… The Foundation

Many Maryknoll Sisters who have served the School their entire life have retired and moved back to the Motherhouse in New York. It is the vision and the wish of the Sisters to pass the sponsorship and guardianship of the School to Maryknollers, who will ensure that the School can continue to be operated in the original spirit adopted by the Maryknoll Sisters when they first opened the kindergarten in 1925. The Maryknoll Convent School Foundation has been established in 2004 to take up such sponsorship and guardianship. The Foundation is a call to all of those whose lives the Sisters have inspired to step up to lead the School into the future.

The MCS Foundation

The Foundation is the school sponsoring body to both the primary and secondary sections of Maryknoll Convent School. The Foundation was set up in 2004 by Maryknoll Sisters, former principals and former students as a limited company by guarantee and is a non-profit charitable organization. It is entrusted with carrying the MCS baton and leading the School into the future by providing all round, quality and affordable education to girls. It is a perpetuating entity, both transparent and inclusive and with wide representation and participation.

The functions

The functions of the Foundation includes:

  1. To steer the strategic development of the School (including both Primary and Secondary Sections)
  2. To supervise and oversee the administration of the School
  3. To give general directions to Incorporated Management Committees of the Primary and Secondary Sections of the School in formulating the School’s educational policies and the performance of such committees.


Former students who have completed at least one year of study at Maryknoll (either in the primary or secondary section). Maryknoll Sisters, former teachers and principals are also invited to become members of the Foundation.


Please see the link below for the latest Articles of Association of the Foundation.