MCS Convent Conservation Project – Volunteers Recruitment

The Maryknoll Convent School Foundation Limited proudly presents a Heritage Conservation Project on the Artefacts uncovered in the Maryknoll Convent Attic at Boundary Street . The initiative which will span over 18 months (7 July 2021 – 6 Jan 2023) will consist of conservation, video production, training courses, talks, exhibitions and docent tours. The project has won the financial support of the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust.

The Convent, built in 1937, is a classified Monument of Hong Kong and carries a rich history. It was used principally as the dormitory of the Maryknoll Sisters, but had been converted to a Japanese army hospital during WWII and later, a sewing workshop for vestments in the late 1950’s to 1960’s. The artefacts, stored in a hidden attic above the false ceiling, were uncovered during the feasibility study for the adaptive reuse of the Convent for educational purpose after the Maryknoll Sisters handed the facility over to the MCS Foundation in August 2019. This valuable collection of artefacts includes sewing accessories, boxes of documents (US orders and invoices), scrolls of paper patterns, tracing cloths, ceramics and colonial chest etc…

The Foundation is appealing to your support to sign up as Volunteers, taking part in this professionally led Conservation Project. Volunteers will be invited to attend 3 hours of training at the school either on 10 or 11 July 2021 to be conducted by Career Conservationists who are experts in Organic Materials – paper and fabric. The actual conservation work that involves volunteer helpers will take place from 16 to 31 July 2021.

Please note that completing the training class is a prerequisite to participating in the actual conservation work. Upon enrolment in either one of the training sessions, you will be invited to sign up for at least TWO 3 hour-session of conservation service at the Convent.

Surely, this will be an eye-opening and unique experience as YOU will be part of the team to conserve both Maryknoll’s History and Heritage and the History of Hong Kong. You can sign up individually or with your classmates and friends to learn from this fascinating conservation experience of a life-time!

There are 2 types of training classes offered which correspond to 2 types of the actual conservation work. Training sessions will be conducted at the Secondary section and the actual Conservation work will be carried out at the Convent.

We appreciate your support of our Heritage Conservation Project and look forward to seeing you at the training classes as well as the actual conservation sessions. 

Please follow this link to read the Volunteer Guidelines:

For further questions, please contact the organizer via email: