“Hearts to love Will to serve” – Maryknoll Spirit at source

How would you describe “Maryknoll Spirit”?  What did the foundress of the Maryknoll Sisters of St Dominic, Mother Mary Joseph (“MMJ”) (1882-1955), want of the Maryknoll Sisters?  And what did the Maryknoll Sisters want to instill in us as students of Maryknoll Convent School (MCS) and members of the Maryknoll community? 

More than anyone else, it was MMJ who had personified the Maryknoll Spirit.  She would have an ideal Maryknoll Sister distinguished by –

Christ-like charity, limpid simplicity of soul,
heroic generosity, selflessness,
unfailing loyalty, prudent zeal,
gracious courtesy, an adaptable disposition,
solid piety, and
the saving grace of a kindly humor.”

MMJ was often pictured with a warm, welcoming, “infectious” smile.  A positive and cheerful disposition appear to be a unique Maryknoll bent.  According to Penny Lernoux, author of the book “Hearts of Fire”, “the ability to laugh even in the most awful of circumstances is a Maryknoll trait.” 

Sister Claudette La Verdiere has documented the life and spiritual wisdom of MMJ in her book “On the Threshold of the Future”.  She grouped the many teachings of MMJ into seven themes –

  1. Presence of God
  2. Contemplation and Action
  3. Unity of Spirit and Diversity of Gifts
  4. Individuality and Common Good
  5. The Maryknoll Spirit of Obedience
  6. Nobility of Soul
  7. Behold the Handmaid of the Lord

For a better understanding of the Maryknoll Spirit at source, click https://foundation.mcs.hk/maryknoll-spirit-at-source-mmj-spirituality/ onto the video attached.  

This 20-minute video is the first-ever attempt to document the spirituality of MMJ with specific reference to MCS.  It features treasured footages of many beloved Maryknoll Sisters testifying how MCS has embraced MMJ’s teachings.  

We hope the video can reignite the Maryknoll Spirit within you.  As the Foundation Chairperson Ms Cordelia Chung, quoting Sister Bitrina Kirway, says –

With a heart to love and a will to serve, that is putting the Maryknoll Spirit in action!”

Let us all embrace the Maryknoll Spirit, model our lives on it, and preserve it in the education of our girls.