Celebrating Maryknoll Day

Maryknoll Day was an inspiration of love that originated in 2016 to remind our students of the larger Maryknoll community. On the Friday before the World Mission Day, both primary and secondary sections of our school will celebrate Maryknoll Day. It’s a day when MCS students and teachers learn about the Maryknoll family and gain deeper understanding of the Missionary Spirit. Inspired by their love of God, Maryknoll priests and sisters have embarked on various missions in Hong Kong and different parts of the world. This year Maryknoll Day is on 16 October.

Maryknoll Sisters founder Mother Mary Joseph was particularly fond of the poem by James Russell Lowell, ‘As one lamp lights another nor grows less, so nobleness enkindles nobleness.’ It symbolizes light being passed on.

And like the well-loved hymn often sung at school throughout the ages, “Once you’ve experienced it…You want to pass it on” We are most grateful to generations of passionate teachers and staff who live and breathe this, so that for 95 years, twinkle-eyed children and young ladies grow to embrace the school motto “Sola Nobilitas Virtus.”

Where does the light come from?

How have you been touched by the Maryknoll Sisters and be inspired by your MCS education to search for this eternal light? What is the nature of this love made visible to you? Do share your inspiration with us at foundation@mcs.hk!

Sister Sue Glass MM and Rev Fr Michael Sloboda shared with our students and staff their journey of “Making God’s Love Visible” as Maryknoll missionaries.

Photos of the NY motherhouse:

Sketches from Dr. Maria Lee: