Celebrating Maryknoll Day

Today is Maryknoll Day. Let’s celebrate our beautiful legacy!“

I was moved to tears seeing the Maryknoll spirit nurtured by our forbearers some 98 years ago so alive in the students, faculty and alums. Such a beautiful legacy!” One of the Sisters made this remark after spending time in PS and SS on 13 October.

While we are happy to hear this, it is also a stark reminder of MCS Foundation’s important responsibility, as the school sponsoring body, to carry the baton truthfully according to Sisters’ vision and mission and that the Maryknoll spirit is preserved and enriched in the ever-changing world.

Hong Kong’s education space certainly has its share of changes and challenges. Recently, emigration and low admission forced several schools to be closed. Some Catholic schools expressed concern that lacking religious personnel affects their ability to keep their religious mission and spirit alive.

We are fortunate that our Sisters have foresight and wisdom two decades ago. The Sisters foresaw fewer missionaries coming to Hong Kong to serve in education as they are needed in other services and other countries. The Sisters decided to pass the baton to the alums. Hence, the MCS Foundation was set up in 2004 as the school sponsoring body (SSB), and the MCSF Council was formed to provide strategic guidance, supervision, and spiritual development of the school. We continue to have Sr Marilu Limgenco and Sr Sue Glass as mentors, providing spiritual guidance.

Furthermore, to ensure the Maryknoll spirit can be sustained and renewed, the Council has set up a Committee of Maryknoll Spirit (CMS) to encapsulate and infuse the core components in different aspects of Maryknoll education. This is a work in progress – to keep the beautiful legacy alive.

To make today special, we have put big smiles on our primary and secondary students by treating them ice cream. Happy Maryknoll Day everyone!

Join us as a member and pass on the Maryknoll spirit: https://bitly.ws/UGRb

Members who are interested in contributing in different committees of MCS Foundation, please contact us as foundation@mcs.hk