Ms. Pauline DAN

Ms Pauline DAN

Pauline is from the class of 1980, and she is currently an equity manager for a local family office.  She received her Masters in Finance from California State University Los Angeles, and Bachelors in Economics from University of California Los Angeles. She is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. 

Pauline has 30 years of experience in the investment field and began her career in the Treasury department at Standard Charter Bank in HK.  She later moved into the area of direct investment and equity investments, mainly as an asset manager of equity portfolios for various international asset management firms, including Pictet, Samsung, and Manulife.  

Pauline joined the Maryknoll Foundation in 2015, and has since participated in fund raising events Relay for Love and also career talks for students who were interested in the field of finance. She is also a current member of the Governance Committee of Secondary Section at the IMC, where she is helping to review the policies and practices of the school.

What is your first memory of the school, (and if relevant, how did that influence you)?

My first memory of Maryknoll was the covered playground in the primary section filled with girls chatting in lovely colourful uniforms.  The place was so full of energy and laughter and was a big motivation to come to school to learn. 

As a Councillor, what ambition or aspirations do you have?

I am thankful for the education and the Christian teachings and I will serve the school in my best capacity when needed.

What kind of skills, knowledge, or contribution do you bring to the school as a Councillor?

My background in the investment field has given me a very broad world view and I hope to share this with the school and the students to help them navigate in an increasingly complex world.