Ms Maggie CHONG

Ms Maggie CHONG
Honorary Secretary

Maggie is a Maryknoll graduate of Class 1995. Maggie received her Law Degree from the University of Hong Kong and qualified as a Hong Kong solicitor in 2003.

Maggie has been practicing in the area of intellectual property in international law firms. She manages global and regional brand portfolios for overseas and local companies, and handles enforcement actions across various regions. She also advises on issues involved in the commercialization of IP assets such as acquisition and joint venture projects.

Maggie serves as the Deputy Chairperson of the Appeal Review Committee of Hong Kong Examination and Assessment Authority.

What is your first memory of the school, (and if relevant, how did that influence you)?

My first memory of Maryknoll was the red-brick castle-like building, the cobblestone path and the beautiful garden of the Primary Section, filled with happy faces of girls in orange and blue uniform. 

As a Councillor, what ambition or aspirations do you have?

I am grateful for the education and fond memories I received from Maryknoll, and am honoured to be given the chance to serve my alma mater.

What kind of skills, knowledge, or contribution do you bring to the school as a Councillor?

I hope my legal training and professional experience could contribute to the running of the Foundation.