Supporting Maryknoll Sisters at Motherhouse

Many of you will have heard that the Maryknoll Sisters at our Motherhouse are in need of masks and other medical supplies in view of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Although under its Constitution, Foundation funds can only be used for the school development purposes and not for the Sisters, the Councillors, acting entirely in their own capacity and using their personal funds, have responded immediately and have arranged for masks and other medical supplies to be delivered to our beloved Sisters.

The Foundation, however, is not currently co-ordinating donation efforts, as alumnae from around the world are responding to the call as quickly as they can and sending what they source, locally or from overseas.

If you are unable to arrange a shipping of medical supplies to New York, but would nonetheless still wish to show your love to the Maryknoll Sisters, please consider making a monetary donation on their website at

Separately you can also make a donation via MCS FSA or contact Maryknoll Alumnae Association of New York direct via