Public Lecture: A Conservation Love Story: a look inside the Heritage Site of Maryknoll Convent School

Speakers: Ms Amy MW Ho (Supervisor of Maryknoll Convent School Primary Section) & Ms Iris Kwan (Member of “文物復現 繡閣猶馨” Conservation Project)

The lecture is divided into two parts: Part 1 is the telling of a love story that started 85 years ago – of how Maryknoll Convent School – a building of unique architectural appeal was designed and conceived; of how she has played a part in the history of Hong Kong including during the 1940’s war years; of how and by what processes this awesome building is preserved and maintained to excellent conditions; and of how she continually rebalances to accommodate modern education facilities for the hundreds of bustling young girls nurtured daily in her embrace.

Part 2 is a first-hand experience sharing from a volunteer/ organizer of a conservation exercise. Starting from the discovery of an attic with its trove of textile artefacts: fabrics, patterns, purchasing orders for religious cassocks dated from 1949-1970, tracing back to the history of the sewing workshop from 1924 to the organisation of a conservation process involving specialists and over 100 volunteers. The speaker will also share stories on the artefacts, revealing the operation of the sewing workshop and the entrepreneurial spirit and benevolence of the Sisters at its operation.

Source: Antiquities and Monuments Office