Ms. Sylvia YU

Ms. Sylvia YU

Sylvia Yu, a Form 5 graduate of 1978, is an architect by profession. Born and educated in Hong Kong, Sylvia obtained her professional degree at the University of Hong Kong before joining the Architectural Services Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government. She retired in December 2020 in the capacity as the Director of the Architectural Services. 

She is also a practitioner of life-long learning and pursued various post-graduate studies in the University of Hong Kong, the INSEAD Business School, the Saïd Business School and the Chinese Academy of Governance at different junctures of her career development. 

Sylvia is a Catholic, married with three sons. 

Upon her retirement, she would like to continue ‘working’ in providing services. Amongst all voluntary work, Maryknoll is an excellent platform for Sylvia in the perspectives both in terms of meaningfulness and relevancy. Sylvia once said, “I am really fortunate to receive top class quality education in Maryknoll, with the core values and competencies quietly imprinted into my DNA, that I have naturally practiced throughout my career and in my family life. I have fully benefited from the seeds sown by the Maryknoll Sisters. Now I am obliged to assist in sowing seeds for the good of our next generation.”  

Sylvia hopes to contribute not only in her areas of expertise such as public administration, heritage building conservation, building project management, green and architectural design, but in all areas and in whatever capacities for the sustainable development of the Foundation.