Ms Irene LI

Ms Irene LI
Councillor, Convenor of Trademark Committee

Irene Li is a 1974 Maryknoll graduate and has just retired as the Managing Director of a US based toy marketing and sales company in March 2016 .

She received her Higher Diploma in Banking from the Hong Kong Polytechnic, her MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and her Master of Social Science, Counselling from the University of South Australia.

Her career includes 8 years with the banking sector and over 30 years in licensed toys and kids’ consumer products.

While studying at Maryknoll, Irene had actively served in various capacities with the Students’ Association and was the Head Girl in 1975. She was a Council member of the Foundation between 2009 – 2011. When she was in the Council, she was entrusted with responsibility of reviewing the protocol in preserving various “trade mark “ owned by the Foundation. Since last year, Irene had spear-headed the “Floral Pattern “Project (producing various sales products with the floral pattern of the primary school uniform) in raising funds for the Educational Trust. So far the project has been very successful and has raised over a million for the Trust.

Irene is a natural leader who has excelled in her career. On her retirement from full time employment, Irene will have more time to serve her Alma Mater. She is full of Maryknoll spirit and never say “ NO “ to her school and our call to serve. She will be an asset to the Council .