Ms Barbara HUNG


Barbara completed her law degree at the University of Hong Kong and was qualified as a solicitor in Hong Kong. She was also qualified in the UK and Singapore. She practices mainly family law and is a member of the family law subcommittee of the Law Society of Hong Kong.

Barbara is a veteran member of the MCS Former Students’ Association since the 80’s, having served in its Executive Committee for over 20 years. She is now retired as Honorary Member of FSA. She was also co-chair of the 80th Anniversary dinner of MCS.

Barbara is one of the founding members of the MCS Educational Trust, serving to raise funds for important projects such as the building of the Jockey Club Wing and the original Join Hands project. Barbara was one of the founding members of the MCS Foundation, contributing to the drafting of its original Constitution. She is ready to serve. She is the legal advisor of the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centre,   HK Association of Athletics Affiliates, HK Basketball Association and HK Elite Athletes Association.