Mrs Helen YU

Mrs Helen YU

Helen, a 1960 Maryknoll graduate, took over the chair of the Council when Sister Jeanne retired from that position in 2011.
In 2009, she was registered as the Supervisor of the Primary Section of the school and a Manager of the Secondary Section. She was also a Trustee of the Maryknoll Convent School Educational Trust. To enhance support for students, staff and parents, Helen helped to initiate a scheme for school-based Educational and Clinical Psychological services.

She received her BA Degree in English Literature from the University of Hong Kong. She held major Government posts from 1965 to 2001: City District Officer, Special Assistant (Planning) and the first Director/Community Relations Department of the ICAC, Assistant Commissioner (Public Affairs)/London, Director (Cultural Services), Deputy Secretary for Health & Welfare, Secretary General of Legislative Council, Director of Buildings, Director of Education and Director of Regional Services, Head of Task Force for Building Safety and Preventive Maintenance.

During her service with Government, she helped to set up the Hospital Authority, corporatise the Legislative Council Secretariat and reconstitute the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Her last assignment in Government as head of a task force for building safety and preventive maintenance resulted in a comprehensive strategy and an implementation plan for a culture of building care”, promulgated in April 2001.

She was appointed Deputy Ombudsman in 2001 in the Office of The Ombudsman, a statutory body independent of Government. She retired from public service in 2011.

Throughout her career, Helen has upheld the Maryknoll tradition for service, equity and integrity. For her public service, she was honoured with the awards Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1997 and Silver Bauhinia Star (SBS) in 2002.

What is your first memory of the school, (and if relevant, how did that influence you)?

The harmony and warm friendship among classmates despite the different nationalities and diverse family background: this helped to enhance our communication skills in English and to establish life-long “multi-national” network;

As a Councillor, what ambition or aspirations do you have?

The determination and integrity of purpose to promote the Maryknoll spirit among our students and in our community by furthering the Maryknoll mission in quality education affordable to all, regardless of creed or colour, social or economic status;

What kind of skills, knowledge, or contribution do you bring to the school as a Councillor?

Ideas and initiatives from my experience in public service and firm commitment to the interests of Maryknoll and service to our community.