Happy Birthday to MCS!

In celebration of MCS’s 98th Anniversary, MCS Foundation proudly presents – the XUXU bag!

XUXU stands for eX Uniform X Upcycling, a meaningful initiative that turns second-hand uniforms into collectibles made with love and care.

Inspired by the recent discoveries of the Boundary Street Convent Building’s hidden attic and the heritage stories, this sustainability project through upcycling and sewing workshop is an effort to reconnect the service spirit of the Maryknoll Sisters. Second-hand uniforms collected from both MCS primary and secondary sections were being processed by the Billie System, a state-of-the-art garment upcycling process which is waterless and produces no hazardous discharge. New fabrics created were then used to produce these XUXU bags.

Featuring unique hand-sewn embroidery of non-religious patterns excerpted from the Sister’s signature vestments, a limited number of these XUXU bags were created by current students working alongside recruits by our design partner, V Visionary Design Studio under their Look Cool Do Good program.

Workshops were also held at our school campus in both MCS primary and secondary sections where our students and their parents did the embroidery of the decorative patterns and created the unique final touch. This seamless orchestration is what gives soul and substance to the XUXU Bags.

Looking back to Maryknoll Sisters’ spirit in serving, and looking forward to embracing sustainability, the XUXU Bag is proud to be the 98th Anniversary Limited Edition souvenir brought to you by the Maryknoll Convent School Foundation.

STAY TUNED for the ordering details!!