From Passion to Profession – Angela Chan (’82)

“Hoping to give back to Maryknoll as a former Maryknoller.” This devout wish brings Angela Chan (Class ’82) back to her alma mater. On November 9, 2015, Angela returned to MCS for the first time since graduation more than three decades ago. She shared with a group of Secondary students her personal journey of how she turned from a midstream student to attaining her doctorate in piano performance, psychology and pedagogy, and eventually realized her dream – founding her own music institute in Montreal, Canada. Her path was not an easy one but she never gave up on her passion. Looking back at the decisions, the people that made a difference, the successes and the missteps, everything for Angela fell into place.

“The school gave me a lot of acknowledgement, support and recognition. Returning to Maryknoll today is an overwhelming emotional experience because it brings back many precious memories. I really love Maryknoll.” Besides sharing her life experience, Angela also coached three earnest students who had expressed a keen interest in pursuing further studies in music.

Angela hosted another session on November 14 for the former students. She even indulged the audience with a few of her favorite scores. “I love to give piano workshops, masterclasses, as well as talks – hopefully to inspire the people to follow their dreams, just as I did.”