Commemorative Pendant to Celebrate MCS 97th Anniversary

The Foundation proudly presents
The MCS Insignia Florets Pendant Necklace
To Celebrate the School’s 97th Anniversary in 2022

A precious keepsake, designed by MCS alumna, Michelle Man
The first of an annual series of limited edition jewellery
Leading up to the School’s 100th birthday in 2025
Inspired by the beautiful floral pattern of the blouse of our primary school uniform

Click to see the 3D video
Click to see the story and the dimensions of the pendant

We are now offering a special price at HK$3,980* (including the pendant, the silver necklace and a jewellery box). All proceeds will be used to support the work of the Foundation, being the School Sponsoring Body of MCS, in leading the School to its next century.

The pendant is versatile. It comes with a silver necklace but can be worn with a bangle. Wrapped in an exquisitely designed jewellery box, it makes a fabulous gift for those who hold a special place in your heart!

“Little flowers of wonderment… little flowers of hope… where seeds of love are sowed” **, we hope the Pendant Necklace will bring back sweet memories of your school days. Thank you for your generosity and love to the School.

*Market reference price is approx HK$7,000
** Excerpts from the little poem by alumna Maggie Chau ( Class of 1985 ) who wrote it specially for this jewellery. The full poem will come with the jewellery

Order now. Don’t miss this opportunity to express your love to those dear to you!

The MCS Foundation is the School Sponsoring Body and is responsible for setting the School’s vision and mission and overseeing the IMCs of both Primary and Secondary sections in the management of the School.