Chatty Felicity: Gigi Ho (’02)

“We see our students as informed and innovative, analytical and critical, responsible and adaptable, moral and ethical members of society.” – the Maryknoll Vision.

Some people are attracted to the entertainment business by its perceived glamour, but it was a penchant for oratory that drew Gigi Ho, Form 7 graduate in 2004, to the profession.

Gigi is one of the up-and-coming hosts of TVB infotainment programme Scoop. She also hosts a horse racing forecast for the Hong Kong Jockey Club and is a part-time horse racing columnist. She is often a guest host at private parties and events too.

Gigi admitted that “My academic grades were not exactly first rate but I have always been expressive and chatty. Most schools in Hong Kong put great emphasis on academic results, but Maryknoll emphasizes on all-round development – quality education to develop the potential of her students to the full.

“Maryknoll recognizes that each student has unique potentials and interests. My teachers accepted me for whom I am and channeled my expressiveness to meaningful activities. When I was in Form 4, I was encouraged to participate in an inter-school speech competition. Beyond all my expectations, I won. The experience helped me to discover my strength in planning a career.”

In pursuit of a career in commentary, Gigi entered the Horse Racing Broadcasting New Star Competition sponsored by the Commercial Radio and ATV when she was in Form 7 and came out as one of the five finalists. The Hong Kong Jockey Club signed her up to host a horse racing TV show in which she continues till now.

Gigi entered MCS in primary one. “The Sisters and teachers believe in life education in love to equip us with knowledge and values for the future. We were taught to be compassionate in serving others, to appreciate the joy of giving and contribute to society.”

“After school, I would often take part in flag-selling and visits to elderly homes and orphanages. The voluntary services laid the foundation of kindness in my heart. The Hong Kong Jockey Club is the city’s largest charity and community benefactor; I am proud to be able to work for this caring organisation.”

The red-brick buildings, the playground, the chapel, even the trees and the benches all bring back warm memories. But it is a teacher’s letter that mattered to Gigi most.

“I like to take on challenges but scorn advices. The teacher could not bear to see me go deeper into the far end so she wrote a long letter to exhort me to be receptive to counsel. I was very touched, and enlightened. I still keep the letter to remind myself to reflect on criticisms with humility and an open mind.”

In spite of her hectic work schedule, Gigi began LLB studies via distance learning with the University of London. True to the Maryknoll spirit, Gigi put into practice what she was taught – education, formal or informal, must be dynamic, open-minded, life long, leading to the deepest liberation of one’s heart to discover God and His universe.