Chan Cheng Mei-chu, Dorothy, BSc, PGCE (HKU), a student of MCS from 1954 to 1962, has rich experience in education with 17 years as a secondary school teacher, 12 years as an education administrator and 8 years as a secondary school principal. She had successfully turned round Law Ting Pong Secondary School and led the school to be awarded the Certificate of Merit for being an Outstanding School (QEF) in the domain of Management and Organisation. The school was named a Resource School in 2001 by the Education Department. Mrs Chan has been an assessor in assessing the Needs of Newly Appointed Principals in Hong Kong and also a mentor to many principals. She was appointed a member of the Education Commission for 6 years from 2003 to 2009. Mrs Chan was awarded a Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service in 2002 and Medal of Honour in 2012 for her contribution to education.

Currently, she is the supervisor of Law Ting Pong Secondary School and Castor Kindergartens and school manager of HKCCCU Logos Academy. She is also heading the Working Group on Study on “Through Train” Mode and a member of the Steering Committee/Project Teams on the Pilot Project on Strengthening Schools’ Administration Management of the Education Bureau.


What is your first memory of the school, (and if relevant, how did that influence you)?

I can still remember this vividly: It was a fine and sunny day in October, 1954.......Sr Ann Mary had admitted me and asked Sr Marie Antoinne to take me to my class.  She smiled and gently took my hand to lead me to class P6B.  This made me feel warm and at home.  It was here where I first met Helen Lai. I was not lonely, because there were several former classmates of mine who had also been accepted by MCS. The classes were fun, never daunting and the teachers accepting.  It was a wonderful place to be.

I love Sr Marie Antoinne so much that I used to go to school before 7:30a.m. to catch a glimpse of her walking down the cobbled slope from the convent and hoped that she would return my morning greeting with a “Good morning, sweetheart!” or maybe a “Good morning, darling girl!” or a “Good morning, darling Dorothy!".  This would make my day!  I would even watch all the movies with actresses who bore a likeness to her – like Ingrid Bergman and Sylvana Magano. 

I can still recall what happened in our various lessons, and I live in, and yearn for, the wonderful times under the beautiful Bauhinia tree watching our teachers, the Sisters, and sharing our most inner thoughts amongst good friends.

Dorothy Chan