Vice-Chairperson, Convenor of Membership Committee


Maggie Chau is a 1985 Maryknoll graduate.

She received her Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of British Columbia, Canada, in 1990.  Her first job was teaching English at Ying Wa Girls’ School from 1990 to 1992. For 6 years thereafter, she pursued a career in advertising with top agencies such as JWalter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mathers in Hong Kong leading up to the post of Creative Director at a local agency before retiring to become a full-time mother and a free-lance writer working from home.  Despite having moved over to the commercial sector, Ms Chau still taught as a part-time instructor of English at the School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong Baptist University, in the early 90's.  

Ms Chau first joined the Council in 2006, and held the post of Honorary Secretary from then till 2011.  Throughout the years, she has been participating actively in alumni activities and had been the Vice President of the MCS Former Students' Association for over a decade.  She was Honorary Secretary of the Maryknoll 80th & 85th Anniversary Dinner Committees, a Member of the MCS Foundation Steering Committee and also a member of the Incorporated Management Committee Secondary Section Branch since 20013.  Currently, Ms Chau is the President of the MCS Former Students' Association (Secondary Section), and diligiently seeks to bring home alumni support in tertiary education by organising the Overseas Universities Fair in conjunction with the Secondary Section.  As a staunch supporter of Maryknoll values, she is whole-heartedly involved as a parent of the School.

Maggie is married with two children.


What is your first memory of the school, (and if relevant, how did that influence you)?

One of my first memories was the ‘prayer’ that all my classmates seemed to know!  I came from a non-Catholic family and had never been near a church.  The first day I heard the morning prayer being said before class was really quite shocking.  It sounded like a chant of special codes that girls around me seemed to know already. But as young minds go, I learnt to ‘chant’ the entire prayer before I knew it’s the Lord’s Prayer, which happened much later.

As a Councillor, what ambition or aspirations do you have?

I hope to help the School carry on its tradition and to spread the teachings of the Maryknoll Sisters.

What kind of skills, knowledge, or contribution do you bring to the school as a Councillor?

I would think my writing skills can could help the School communicate her positioning to the local community and reach out to our caring former students.

I believe that MCS will always enable her students to develop freely and learn to be themselves at their best.

Maggie Chau