Communications Committee

Launched in 2006/7 to keep the Maryknoll "family" and the community at large informed , this Committee has involved Council members, other alumni, and parents/friends of the school. The Committee aims to project factual and timely information about Maryknoll and to dispel misconceptions where appropriate. Helen Yu, Amy Ho, and Cindy Chu were chairpersons in past years.

Among the many initiatives, the committee has mounted the Heritage Exhibition (2007), and published the Heritage of Maryknoll Album "Forever be true" (2009), celebrating the Government's declaration of the Primary school building as a statutory monument.
 Other endeavors include "The People of MCS: By Dr. Joe Chan" Photo Exhibition (2011), the 'Impact Corner' featuring interviews of alums on the website, and the face-lift of the Foundation's webpage.

The committee is mandated to properly represent the School’s image in the Hong Kong community, reflecting MCS’s philosophy and ethos, through advice to the Council in relation to media/public relations, as and when necessary. It also aims to reach out to alumni of different years, inviting them to re-engage with the school and to solidify the MCS spirit, spreading it among current students and the community at large.

The Communications Committee works hand in hand with the Membership Committee to maintain and protect the School’s archival items and records, and to update alumni data for better liaison. It also works closely with the Information Technology Committee in dissemination of timely and relevant information of the Foundation to both Members and the public, and to sustain, monitor and manage the positive image of Maryknoll. In the long run, Communications Committee hopes to establish sufficient linkage with other MCS organizations and overseas alumni chapters to bring the Maryknoll spirit ‘to home, to country, to the world'.


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and engagement of Foundation members. We ensure there is succession planning to the Council, which is vital to maintaining the legacy of the Maryknoll sisters. Without membership in the Foundation, which is the sponsoring body of our beloved school, we will not have the legitimacy to carry the Maryknoll name, but more importantly, keeping the Maryknoll spirit alive.

In order to achieve our goal, we need a steady stream of loyal Maryknollers from all generations, from all walks of life and with various talents to join us on this mission. We need Maryknollers who are willing to give back to our school, and those who have the vision to take Maryknoll into the future.

There are two levels of membership: Ordinary and Executive. Every new member joins the Foundation as an Ordinary Member, while Executive Members are appointed or elected from among Ordinary Members.

If you are ready to step forward and help, we invite you to join the Maryknoll Foundation. (Membership Form) 


Trademark Committee

Maryknoll Convent School Foundation Limited (“Foundation) is the legal owner of a number of trademarks, including our school name “Maryknoll Convent School” and “MCS”, our school crest, and the beautiful floral pattern which forms part of our Primary school uniform, to name a few (“Foundation Trademarks”). These Foundation Trademarks represent the reputation of our school, and the values, mission and vision our school stands for – and these make them very valuable assets which require protection. The Foundation therefore has a responsibility to ensure that these trademarks are only used in an appropriate and responsible manner consistent with our school’s educational philosophy.

To this end, the Foundation has prepared some Guidelines on the usage of the Foundation Trademarks applicable to students, teachers, parents and the alumnae community. Under the Guidelines, anyone who wishes to use any of the Foundation Trademarks must seek approval from the Foundation. The Guidelines and Application Forms for respective bodies can be found here:

- Alumnae (Individual)
- Alumnae (Organisation)
- Former Student's Association (FSA)
- School/ PTA/ Teachers

If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation Trademark Committee at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .