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The Maryknoll spirit seeks to emanate truth with passion, to home, to country and to the world. It is the courage to stand up for one's beliefs and to respect the differences between people.

Many Maryknollers, be they well known public figures or low key private personalities, are distinguished in their own fields or contributed to society in their own ways. IMPACT CORNER is the platform to share their stories, celebrate their achievements, and draw from their experiences to motivate, energize, and enlighten those striving to live the Maryknoll spirit to the fullest.

We encourage and welcome Maryknollers to contribute articles to IMPACT CORNER or suggest topics for interviews and special events. Information collected will be stored for eventual use by a MCS sponsored research on the impact and evolving trends of women's role in society.

Events in the past:

  • From Passion to Profession - Angela Chan ('82) (Nov 2015) - Article | PhotosVideo
  • Feminism for Dummies - Linda To (24 August 2015) - Article | Photos
  • You Can't Say You Have No Time - Rainbow Chow ('84) & Antoinette Lee ('88) - Photos, Video
  • Wig Stylist:  Professional & highly creative - Annie Woon (’92) (May 2014) - Video
  • Flavor of Life: 3 entrepreneurs in food business - Anglea Leung ('84), Angel Wong ('93) & Samantha Tam ('93) (Jan 2014) - Article, Video
  • Pursuit of happiness and justice by a modern female Sherlock Holmes: World Bank criminologist Merly Khouw (’76) (Nov 2013) - ArticleVideo
  • Trailblazers in Habit, Hong Kong Premier (Oct 2013) - Photos
  • Life learning rules – from MCS to the art world: Jenny Pat (’98) (Mar 2013) - ArticlePhotos
  • Dispute lawyer to community business: Amanda Yik (’94) (July, 2012, Mar 2013) - 2012 Article, Photos | 2013 Article, Photos
  • Adopt a Bench: Launching ceremony (Oct 2012) - Photos
  • Habit from a foreign sky – home grown novelist Xuxi, Sussy Komala (’70) - ArticlePhotos 
  • "The People of Maryknoll" Photo Exhibition (Feb 2011) -  ArticleVideo

Maryknollers' impact: to home, to country, to the world 




“How did the Sisters, teachers, and fellow-Maryknollers influence our lives?”

In 2007, a Maryknollers’ Profiling survey was conducted in 2007. The following are selective excerpts answering the question “how did the sisters, teachers, and fellow-Maryknollers influence our lives”:




  • “My education at Maryknoll has taught me truth, integrity, generosity and faithfulness among other virtues which the good sisters had instilled on us.  I am very grateful for having been at Maryknoll.  I have brought these lessons with me to home to country and to the world. Maryknoll has given me the opportunity to be a good wife and mother, and I have instilled on my children the importance of our school motto –Sola Virtus Nobilitas.”
  • “Maryknoll has been the biggest reason for my being where I am:  the nurturing and caring instruction I received cannot be over-estimated; I had no trouble with any of the classes I have had all through, not only because I was taught well, but, more importantly, I learned HOW to learn – something I sadly do not see much of in my years since… Yes, we learned how to think.  We may have gone to school in the 50’s, but the methodology was way ahead of the pedagogues of the time.”




  • “All the Sisters taught us patience and love with their example. Above all, prepared us to continue to be selfless and loving individuals.”
  • “When I left Maryknoll, I took with me values I learned and kept, all these years.  Thanks to all the sisters and teachers.  My faith helps sustain me in times of difficulties.  I learned to treat people the way I would like to be treated – with respect, kindness and courtesy, consideration and sensitivity.  I live my life with the hope that I can make a difference in people’s lives.  I enjoy different kinds of Art & Music which the Sisters and teachers taught me to appreciate.  They also inspired me to push myself to be the best that I can be.  For all these, thank you.”
  • “They gave me the foundation for everything I do in life—strive for excellence, work ethic, can do attitude, compassion/kindness/understanding in dealings with family,work.”
  • “The Sisters and the teachers gave us a sense of what is right and what is wrong, and that has been invaluable in our dealing with the many internal conflicts we all get in everyday life. They also taught us to share our good fortunes and our abilities.  We share and give to others, not for reward or recognition, but because we want to.”
  • “Personally I found the understanding of the Bible (Old Testament particularly) enables myself in working with people of the Jewish faith and a greater awareness of the diversity and importance of various religious groups. … Their teachings and principles had helped me form my own personal and professional standards in the past, and am sure in years to come.  For this, I am eternally grateful. … I have been always proud to say I am a Maryknoller, even after leaving school for 40 years.”




  • The Sisters also showed us (the students) that we could specialize in any fields we wanted ...  The most memorable statement that I still remember came from Sister Miriam Xavier when she told my dad that what is important is in a person’s mental, not physical, abilities.”
  • “The teachings from all my Maryknoll Sisters and teachers in academic areas in etiquette, and morality have strong influences in my adult life, both career wise and family wise.  It has certainly helped me make important decisions and face challenging situations.  I still feel closely connected to Maryknoll even though I graduated more than 30 years ago.  I am an always will be a proud former Maryknoller!”




  • “Maryknoll was an incubator that allowed me to grow, learn, and question.  Looking back at those years, I think the most memorable part was the space that I was allowed (by the principal and the teachers) to experiment and to make mistakes.”
  • “MCS has always emphasized all round development and encourage students to try and experience different academic, cultural and sports activities.”
  • “Penmanship was my first challenge.  Then when I learnt phonetics, it became my lifetime asset in the mastery of English. Studying in an all-girl school wasn’t all “serene”. The girls always had so much fun exploring the dark corners and hidden stairways around the red-brick campus. My favorite was art class and I loved the Art Room. I remembered staying after school to finish a giant mosaic artwork there.  Yet, my only regret was that I still couldn’t manage my strokes and kicks in the swimming pool. Secondary School is definitely one of the most enriching periods of my life and absolutely enjoyable. I made a few lifetime friends and still stayed in close contacts even we were not all living in Hong Kong.”




  • “MCS teachings had influenced me to think critically from different angles and with an opened mind. Through studying at MCS, I learned to value individual uniqueness, independent work, continuous self-exploration, respect for oneself and others. Many consider academic achievement to be the most important but I found the non-academic learning to be more profound and influential.”
  • “MCS has trained us to be independent thinkers and encouraged our critical mind which is the most crucial asset for me to excel in my career. I am certain that I would not have been the same person if I received my education in any other local schools in HK.”
  • “Maryknoll opened the gate to many possibilities. The sisters and teachers put a lot of trust in the students, enabling us to try new things and meet various challenges with courage. … The school crest always remind me of how one should live as a true Maryknoller – red for passion, white for purity, blue for loyalty, black for sacrifice – and pass it on. I pledge my forever loyalty to the school we love – Maryknoll.”




  • “Maryknoll has taught me to be a moral, self-disciplined, responsible, and open-minded person. The interpersonal skills I acquired during my Maryknoll years are crucial in determining the career path I am taking.”