Executive Members can be either appointed or elected. The term of an Executive Member is three years. Executive Members have the right to attend and vote on general matters at General Meetings. They are also eligible to stand as candidates and have the right to vote in the election of Elected Councillors when vacancies appear.

Executive Members are expected to demonstrate a higher level of participation in support of the Foundation, e.g. by serving on the various Committees, such as the Communications Committee, Information Technology Committee, Membership Committee, etc., or by providing service related to their areas of expertise or interest when the opportunity arises. From past experience, dedicated Executive Members with a skillset to match the needs of the Council and a demonstrated commitment to serve Maryknoll often become excellent candidates to join the Council of the Foundation.


Executive Members List

Doris AU

Bonnie CHAN*

Christina CHAN*

Dorothy CHAN

Patti CHAN

Joyce CHAN

Ronna CHAO

Maggie CHAU*

Benita CHICK


Maggie CHONG

Maureen CHOW

Cindy CHU

Jacqueline CHU

Cordelia CHUNG

Nancy FOK

Amy HO

Barbara HUNG*

Brenda KU

Doris KWAN*

Betty Kwan

Helen YU LAI*

Catherine LAM

Kenzie LAU

Marigold LAU

Mary LAW

Maria LEE*

Antoinette LEE*

Shelley LEE

Eleanor LEE

Wendy LEE

Belinda LEUNG

Irene LI*


June LO

Petrina LOUEY

Ophelia NGAN*

Miranda POON*

Elaine SUM

Pamela TAN

Linda TSUI

Maura WONG*

Jessica WONG

Amanda YIK

Pinny YIP*

Gloria KO YIP

Isabelle YOUNG*

Joanne YOW


*Also Councillors of the Maryknoll Convent School Foundation Ltd.

For a better understanding of Executive Membership, please refer to Articles 16-19 of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the MCS Foundation (link).  Criteria of Executive Membership renewal have been added since 2013, please click here.